5x7" Handcrafted Silver Gelatin Print

I am pleased to offer an intimate size print of my image, Aspens at Dusk, near Aspen, Colorado, at the greatly reduced price of $325.

This silver gelatin, selenium toned, print is approximately 5x7" in size. It is personally printed by me (as are all my prints), processed to current archival standards, signed, and mounted on 14x17" 2-ply museum board with a discrete embossed stamp denoting this is a silver gelatin print by John Sexton in the lower right corner. Please note that this print is mounted, but NOT overmatted.

As many readers are aware, I LOVE photographing aspen trees. I am fascinated by the way their trunks reflect light and in certain situations seem to have a magical luminous quality. This image appears as Plate 24 in my book Listen to the Trees. I made this image just moments after the making of the book's, frontispiece. Even though the two images were made only a few feet apart, using the exact same lens on my 4x5 Linhof view camera, and are both equally sharp, I have always printed this photograph small. To me the intimacy of this image invites close inspection and communication, and for me a small print size encourages the viewer to come close to listen to the print as it whispers its message.

The prints will be carefully prepared and packaged in rugged protective envelopes, and shipped fully insured.

Normally there is a long waiting period for John's original prints. This is a rare opportunity to obtain a print with a short waiting period, and at a very reasonable price.

Availability: Usually ships in 4-6 weeks

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